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Residents Requested to Read Water Meters Weekly
Posted on Nov 19th, 2018

President’s Message
Important Message From Your President…
As many of you know and for those of you who do not, many of our residents have encountered a severe water leak under their foundation. Ken Mattingly and Bob Kessinger have diligently monitored each meter reading to help detect the leaks as soon as possible.
Even though we have detected these leaks and each resident  has gotten their leak repaired, the time between readings and detection is a 2 month period in which we are losing water and our drainage cost from the Louisville Water Company are going up.
Your board is making a request from each resident, we would like for you to begin reading your digital reader next to your garage door once a week and keep a running log of each reading.
If you see a discrepancy from one week to another, please contact either Ken Mattingly (502-643-8986), Bob Kessinger (502-239-9571) or Bill Geier (502-797-3332). This will help to catch the leak early, get the repair done and reduce our drainage cost from the water company.
If anyone is unsure of how to read the digital reader, please contact Ken Mattingly or Bob Kessinger.
Bill Geier
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