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Posted on Mar 12th, 2014

Glenmary Truth website post regarding last nights GHA board meeting.
Meeting Update:  If you had the opportunity to attend the regular scheduled HOA Board meeting last night on 3/10/14 you already know.  It was simply unbelievable!  The game our Directors played was choreographed well in advance on how they would discredit meetings from the previous board, not accept the minutes as submitted, blame other people for the charge for scanning purchase votes, blame CMA for everything and then finally have the audacity to vote to remove the assets held by CMA for their own check writing abilities.  Thankfully CMA refused since they are held by contract to protect our money and interests.  They focused on what was spent to pay CMA for a year's worth of consulting yet didn't blink when approved paying Don Cox, their attorney, approx. $42,000 for 3 month's work to protect them.  You're welcome.
All that they ended up doing is getting themselves sued again for breach of contract and this time it is with CMA.  Where are our protections?  Even though there was a legitimate recall petition filed with CMA and collected by the Board they won't recognize the request for recall and refuse to honor it. How is that possible?
Our wallets are held hostage to protect a small group who has hijacked our decision making body and there is no stopping them.  If you are satisfied with this then go back to sleep.  If this makes you mad or at least slightly interested then step up and get involved.  This is real!  There is a real risk of each homeowner being assessed to cover damages.  No Land Attached
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