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Posted on Mar 12th, 2014

Dear Glenmary Members:  I was very pleased with the turnout and interest in our New Membership Plans for the 2014 Year.  As owners our goal is to maintain the Glenmary Golf Course and Property the best that we can while the purchase of the Facility by the HOA continues.  We need membership support as well as outside play to continue maintaining the property and making Bank payments and Capital Improvements.  When you as future owners of the property are ready to assume control there will not be a lot of deferred maintenance and you will be purchasing a facility that is in better financial shape with a core of "great members".  
Some very good ideas and suggestions came out of the Saturday Morning Meeting including a suggestion from Paul Williams that we provide an extra incentive to our Social Members in the form of a discount when they choose to play a round of golf.  So, immediately our policy for the 2014 Golf Season will be to allow our "social members" to receive a $2 Discount on whatever the Rack Rate is at the time of check in.  As an example, if it is a Saturday Morning and our Rate is $35, the Social Member will receive a $2.00 discount for themselves and any family member playing with them.
GOOD NEWS:  The Glenmary Club now has a Social Committee that will assist in planning a calendar of Social Events for the 2014 year.  We will be meeting this week, so if you have any ideas on any kind of social event that you would like to see at your club this season, please let us know.
I will announce the committee members and their initial Calendar of Events after we have our first meeting.
Please remember that we need each and every Social and Golf Member to make phone calls, talk to neighbors and friends and assist us in growing our membership as fast as we can.  Every Golf Member needs to bring three new members to the Club.  Every Social member needs to bring one Social member to the Club.  Let's work together to make Glenmary Golf and Community Club the place where all the neighbors want to spend their leisure time.
GOLF MEMBERSHIP:  The $990 March to March Unlimited Golf Seven Days a week Golf Membership is by far the "best value" in Jefferson County. Please spread the word!  The sooner people join the better as the expiration will be 1 March 2015.
Remember:  We need anyone who is in position to pay for the year in advance, whether a Social member or Golf Member, to please do so. This will help in our efforts to stay current with our debt obligations, provide much needed repairs and paint to the Clubhouse and make improvements on the Golf Course.  It is all about Cash Flow.
SENIOR GOLF:  Paul Williams is organizing the Glenmary Senior Golf League at this time.  Please talk to Paul or send me an e-mail if you plan on participating.
Again, thanks to everyone for your support and let's work through the purchase together to make Glenmary Community the very best that it can be.
Any suggestions or ideas, my direct e-mail is below.
Jack Ridge
PGA Golf Professional 
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