Glenmary Country Club Acquisition - BEST REASONING YET!!!!
Posted on Mar 16th, 2014

From: Liz & Michael Harris
Mar 16
What a sad, sad state this neighborhood is in. Divided over the purchase of a golf course with each side using insults, Proverbs, and their version of the facts to hurl at the other side. Is there an argument or insult the other side can make that would change your mind? The last five months have proven that each side strongly believes in their position and no amount of insults or bible verses is going to change that. The facts are the facts about this division, and the numbers make this clear. There are 862 homes in this neighborhood, 360 voted to purchase the golf course, 279 voted against and 223 didn’t care enough to vote. The exact percentages are: 41.8% of our neighbors want to buy the course, 32.4% of our neighbors do not and 25.8% don’t care. Has the last five months of lawsuits, insults, restatement of facts and elections changed your mind?

There is only one clear path that will not end up with a large percent of the neighborhood upset, more lawsuits and the lawyers getting richer. The 360 neighbors need to purchase the course as desired. Simply pooling $6000 from each of the 360 that want to buy the course would provide $2.16M, enough to purchase the course. Then the 41.8% that want to own the course and control their future will. The 32.4% that do not want to purchase the course will not be involved and will not have a say, and the other 25.8% still won’t care.

If we want to get Glenmary back to a neighborhood we all want to live, as before, then we need to get this matter resolved in a manner that does not upset a large percentage of our neighbors.

Michael Harris 
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